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Landscape with Limestone Retaining Wall and Bench, Stairs with Landscaping Lights

Summers in central Iowa can be brutal, with lawns taking a beating during the sweltering heat and periodic droughts. Keep your lawn looking lush, green, and beautiful all year long with the help of Green Way LLC.

We provide a number of summer lawn care services that will make your neighbors green with envy. 


Summer Lawn Care Services

Core aeration 

April and August to promote root growth, remove thatch, and reduce compaction

Organic fertilizer and weed control 

April and August. Our product is completely safe and made from corn gluten

Four-step fertilizing and weed control program:

Step 1—Crabgrass preventer and fertilizer. Step 2—Weed control and fertilizer. Steps 3 & 4—Lawn fertilizer

De-thatching services

to help reduce and remove thatch; also known as power-raking

Concrete edging with the first mowing service

then two more times during the season

Grub control

applied once in the summer

Lawn mowing, trimming, and concrete sweeping

Minimum requirement of 3 to 4 services per month. Convenient monthly billing available

Overseeding services

(recommended in the spring or fall)

Perimeter pest control

to provide a barrier around your home, keeping insects out

Lawn rolling service

in early spring


Sod installation and patching

Weed control service

in additional to fertilizing

Stump grinding and removal

Tree and shrub cut-off or removal

Tree and shrub transplanting

Other services available

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